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Technology Value Chain

IIa Technologies Pte. Ltd. adopted the CVD technology for diamond growth. Although HPHT was a proven technology, it had its limitations. IIa Technologies was focused on creating pure diamonds which are colourless and hence the technology adopted was Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition or MPCVD.

MPCVD Technology


MPCVD Technology utilises microwave capabilities to create plasma and facilitate carbon deposition. The technology works at lower pressures exposing multiple diamond seeds to a carbon-rich environment. At the optimised conditions, carbon starts depositing, the seed starts accepting the available carbon, and the natural process of crystallization starts.

IIa Technologies, is the largest MPCVD facility in the world and is growing gem-quality diamonds that are pure Type IIa diamonds. IIa Technologies is unparalleled in the quantity and quality of CVD diamonds that it can grow and its ability to work with customers to customise products for specific applications.

We offer our customers the flexibility of buying rough diamonds or specialised diamonds; finished or semi-finished diamonds. This is made possible with the help of our technology and supply chain partners, which are also part of our Global Group.

Crystal Orientation

crystal Orientation

We use Real-Time X-Ray Reflection Spectroscopy to quickly orient single crystals. We utilise the real-time detector, motorised orientation stages, and computer analysis of back-reflection images to quickly characterise or determine the orientation of the lattice planes in our diamonds.

The software automatically collects images, finds Laue spots, and indexes most back-reflection Laue images in real time.

Laser Cutting

2aT_laser cutting_bw

Laser technology is essential in any diamond value chain as, to control costs, it is imperative that diamonds are cut efficiently, accurately and with minimum damage or loss. Our laser systems use a combination of visual and communications technology to accurately cut the diamond after it is grown.

In addition to having Nd:YAG lasers which are used in general for diamond cutting, we also have waterjet lasers, which use the latest technology to reduce losses and increase efficiency and productivity.

Our Group capacity at the moment exceeds 150 laser machines.

Diamond Polishing

2aT_cutting and polishing 2_bw

With seven years’ of experience in making flat diamond seeds for our own use, we have developed the necessary ‘in-house’ skills to cut and polish diamonds to various sizes and shapes.

With a combination of the above technologies at our disposal, we have an unparalleled ability to both grow diamonds and  to develop them into various specialised finished products.