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Revolutionising the diamond industry


A CHANCE meeting in 2001 between Dr Devi Shanker Misra, who has several decades of diamond growth experience gained while with the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai, and members of the Mehta family, fourth-generation professionals in the gem and jewellery industry, resulted in the formation of IIa Technologies Pte Ltd.

According to chief executive officer Vishal Mehta, that meeting created a synergy of knowledge and industry experience that provided the foundation for the company.

Today, Mr Mehta that said IIa Technologies’ Singapore facility powers a technology called microwave plasma chemical vapour deposition (MPCVD), which is able to provide an environment suitable for diamond growth while relying on nature to do the rest.

“Rough diamonds grown by IIa Technologies are used in the commercial sector, scientific and medical instrumentation as well as in the luxury (jewellery) sector,” he explained, adding that the company is an ISO 14001:2004 (an Environmental Management Standard) and ISO 9001:2008 (a Quality Management Standard) certified company.

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