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Specialised Applications

Our primary business is the growth of rough diamonds. Rough diamonds are available in huge quantities from mines but almost 80% of this production can only be used for industrial and mechanical uses like industrial grit and diamond powders. Industrial diamonds play an important role in the production of construction and mining equipment, in auto manufacturing and in the aerospace industry.

For use as a scientific material and for high technology applications, mined diamonds cannot be used due to three factors; cost, consistency and quality. There is basically no control on the process and if a diamond with a particular impurity is useful, it might well not be available.

The process of growing gem-quality diamonds is as natural as nature itself. Although the requirements for quality at an atomic level is not as stringent as most other high technology applications, the optical transparency and complete lack of colour required is very hard to achieve and control. We provide the environment inside our machines suitable for growth and then let Nature take over.

Our success in growing gem-quality diamonds has given us the experience and the knowledge to be able to successfully and consistently grow diamonds that are application specific. The process can be tailored for other applications based on what our customers require through a joint application development program, that allows for free information exchange and research partnerships.

Some of the specialized applications that our customers use our diamonds for are:

Gem Quality

Gem Quality_2

Diamonds have always been known for their beauty and mystery. The diamond is a transparent jewel with unparalleled brilliance and fire, reflecting more light than any other gem in the world. It has captured the hearts and imaginations of generations of women and its aspirational value only grows year after year. The beauty of the diamond roots in its physical characteristics. There is no material in the world that can match it, except itself. Grown diamonds have the same optical, physical and chemical properties as a mined diamond.

The mystery of a diamond comes from its history, with even the youngest diamonds thought to be around 900 million years old. This is a history that is made possible by one simple fact; the diamond is the hardest material on the planet allowing it to survive through these years.  IIa Technologies is able to recreate the natural process of diamond growth resulting in real and pure diamonds without the ecological and social impact of mining.

Jewellery using diamonds grown by IIa technologies are available through our partners.

Chemical and Electrical Applications


The introduction of boron-doped diamonds has led to a spectacular advancement in the electro-chemical industry. Its extreme chemical stability, large potential window in aqueous solution and thermal shock resistance differentiates it completely from other conventional products. IIa Technologies employs Boron (B) as a P type dopant to make diamond conductive. We can control Boron doping levels to produce diamonds with a range of conductance, which places the diamond into a wide range of applications such as:

Electrode in electrolytes:

Creates strong oxidisation environment for organic and inorganic compounds in waste water that can be applied in ozone generation and water sanitization. The lifetime is prolonged owing to a diamond’s excellent corrosion immunity, and the process is entirely biologically safe to humans and the environment.

Sensors, detecting probes:

Conductive diamond can detect and identify species in aqueous electrolytes without water breakdown, which is not feasible for other materials. Its surface does not get oxidised therefore sensitivity does not degrade with time.

Medical treatment devices:

Diamond is inert to chemotherapy and safe to the human body. Its high molecular surface area is ideal for drug carriers.

Semiconductor components:

In the near future, it may be possible that diamond will have replaced silicon as a semiconductor. Currently electronic devices based on diamonds have drawn massive research attention such as high power Schottky diodes, FET, SAW etc. Our B doped plates are potentially  ideal candidates for fabrication of electronic devices based on diamonds.

Optical Applications


IIa Technologies excels in manufacturing the highest optical grade diamond plates. With superior mechanical and thermal properties,  diamond optical devices are affordable and extremely desirable. We continue to monitor and improve our products properties, ensuring they maintain the same, or superior qualities as natural diamonds.

Beside single crystal diamonds, IIa Technologies is also capable of producing polycrystalline diamond plates of diameter up to 2 inches, the ideal option for window materials in various industries.

UV, IR, MW windows, laser optics components:

The unparalleled width of our diamond’s spectra band, its extreme hardness and the highest thermal conductivity rate makes it the first-choice for optical components in analytical instruments and high energy equipment. A diamond window is widely used in high energy applications, nuclear researches and military weapons. In laser optics, diamonds achieves the highest power level in CO2 lasers without compromising the beam quality. In spectroscopy, its 70% transmission rate over the wide range of wavelength ensures the accuracy and sensibility of the analytical solutions.

Tele-communication information transmission:

Due to a diamond’s high refractive index, it can minimise information loss during the signal transmission with the highest level of security, in addition to increasing the transmission capacity.

Electronics Applications


The single crystal diamond grown by IIa Technologies is of ultra-high level purity. The large band-gap and high binding energy makes it a perfect material for particle detections in harsh radiation environments. Moreover, a diamond’s perfect atomic structure is ideal for quantum based application research.

Radiation detectors, beam monitors:

IIa Technologies ensures its diamond products have the necessary signal properties, uniformity and radiation hardness. Compared to the silicon sensor currently used, diamond sensors are able to retain significantly more signals, very low leakage currents and ultimate lifetime in the solid-state particle detectors. Therefore, the usage of diamonds has been receiving a widening acceptance in the area of high-energy particle detectors.

Quantum applications:

The electron spin on NV center, an atomic level defect in diamond, has proved to be an effective media for storage of information and quantum computing. Our best quality diamond with the least impurities is outstanding from the rest of its competitors. Though this technology is still under development, there’s no doubt that diamonds will play a key role in this remarkable application.

Mechanical Applications


Diamonds are best known for their extreme hardness. The stable carbon-carbon bonds form billions of tetrahedral shaped unit cells, which are the source of a diamond’s mechanical strength. A flawless, pure diamond oriented to (111) direction has the highest level of hardness. This is one of the range of products offered by IIa Technologies.

Precision tools, surgical knives:

The fine diamonds grown by IIa Technologies are applicable to precision engineering. The high purity of crystal guarantees the stiffness of the tools even in thin layer form. The durability of a diamond also dramatically extends the tool life, providing a more cost effective solution in the long term.

Wire drawing dies, wear parts:

The exceptional wear resistance and low friction coefficient of diamonds are designed to be used in repetitive operation mechanism. A diamond wire die is one of the best-known and widely used applications for this as it draws fine wires from hard materials without sacrificing the dies. By minimising friction and wear loss, the diamond parts increase the machine productivity, protect them from “down-time”,thus offering a more economical solution.


Other mechanical applications:

Diamond cutting tools, anvils in high pressure apparatuses, dressers, bearings, etc.

Thermal Applications

One of the outstanding properties of a diamond is its unbeatable thermal conductivity, which originates from its unique hardness. Its ability to conduct heat is about five times that of copper. IIa Technologies categorises thermal management products and offers different grades of poly crystalline as well as single crystal diamond plates, based on customer requirements, with thermal conductivity ranging from 1000 – 2000+ W/mK. One prominent fact is that single crystal diamonds have a much higher performance than polycrystalline diamonds, giving it the opportunity to break-through the ultra-fast, super-powerful modules.

Heat spreaders:

A diamond is able to eliminate heat from the source without much need for temperature change, preventing the components from being destroyed from the heat build-up. This heat dissipating efficiency out rides all other known substances creating a platform for extreme high power devices. This has important implications for these semiconductor industry where the currently impossible development of an ultra-fast processor, may no longer remain a legend.