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IIa Technologies responds to Element Six’ patent infringement claims

Singapore, January 21, 2016: IIa Technologies is a research-led company and we take pride in our commitment to innovation. The company has developed its processes and products inhouse for which it has been awarded several patents worldwide. We strongly believe in the work that we have done spanning a decade of research and the effort to build a reliable supply for the diamond industry is integral to the future of diamonds in the world.

We believe we are not in any way infringing on Element 6’s claims. In addition, we will challenge the validity of their patents,” said Vishal Mehta, CEO, IIa Technologies. “IIa Technologies has entered its appearance in the High Court in Singapore and will vigorously defend itself. We will keep our company’s focus on the development and growth of diamonds for our customers. We would like to express our appreciation for the customers and partners that have stood by us and re-affirm our continued support to them to build a healthy Grown Diamond eco system worldwide.

There would be no further comments on this matter through the duration of the legal proceedings.

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Priyanka Joshi: pjoshi@2a-tech.com.sg

About IIa Technologies

Established in 2005, Singapore-based IIa Technologies Pte. Ltd. is an industry leader in grown diamond technology. Based on its patented research, the company grows colourless ‘Type IIa’ diamonds (the purest type of diamond) through a commercially viable and sustainable process. IIa Technologies’ Singapore facility powers a technology called Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (MPVCD) which is able to provide an environment suitable for growth while relying on nature to do the rest. Rough diamonds grown by IIa Technologies are used in the commercial sector (mechanical, manufacturing, aerospace industries), scientific and medical instrumentation as well as in the luxury sector. IIa Technologies is an ISO 14001:2004 (an Environmental Management Standard) and ISO 9001:2008 (a Quality Management Standard) certified company.