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IIa Technologies and Sustainability

Carbon Footprint:

Compared to traditional diamond mining, IIa technologies consumes half the energy required to produce the same amount of rough diamonds. As its technology is still young, we are developing the machines and processes to further optimise this consumption. Being based in Singapore, most of our energy also comes from Natural Gas based plants which are more eco-friendly when compared to traditional coal-based plants.

When compared to the same number of carats produced in the Ekati mines in Canada, IIa Technologies Singapore saves the world by as much as 278 million miles worth of auto emissions annually.

Carbon Footprint



Mining can devastate the natural beauty and local ecology of the area. Used mines are generally never filled in and leave scars across the landscape that they occupy.

Preservation and restoration of the natural environment is important to ensure that choices for future generations are preserved. IIa Technologies uses a small amount of land to construct its facilities and requires no earth displacement . At the same time, IIa Technologies is capable of producing the same quantity of diamonds above ground that a typical below ground mine could produce in less than one percent of the volume of space required.

Mines comparison with IIa
(Note: The values for Carats per tonne of earth displaced and grams per tonne of earth displaced are an average taken for Ekati, Mirny and Kimberley Mines)


Social Impact:

Natural resources for diamonds are not mobile; they need to be mined where they are found for the business to be commercially viable. This fact ensures that wherever this natural resource is found, the commercial value of the mine overtakes the social value of the land. Removal of local populations coupled with loss of habitats for fishing, farming and wildlife creates a loss of employment and livelihoods that are dependent on the ecology of the area. These are some of the social impacts resulting with the development of natural mines.

IIa Technologies is able to blend in to its local conditions without any negative social impact as we operate just like any other semiconductor facility. We create safe and sustainable employment for the community and have no negative impact on the local habitat surroundings.