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A Visit to the World’s Largest Diamond Greenhouse

May 09, 2015 fashion, featured, lifestyle, shopping, Singapore heartland

It’s a diamond, and yet not quite a diamond. No, it’s not cubic zirconia if that’s what you are thinking.

Singapore-based IIa Technologies has developed a revolutionary method to grow colourless and high-quality Type IIa diamonds. Yes, you’ve heard that right – diamonds can be grown. And, in IIa Technologies’ case, the diamonds are grown in a 200,000 square foot, state of the art facility which is also the largest diamond greenhouse in the world.

“IIa Technologies is the only diamond greenhouse in the world that can grow high quality Type IIa diamonds, which are considered the purest and rarest types of diamonds,” said Vishal Mehta, Chief Executive Officer, IIa Technologies. “IIa-grown diamonds are the first ever- sustainable, conflict-free, origin-guaranteed, high-quality diamonds that were conceptualised and cultured in Singapore.”

We got invited to an exclusive visit to the otherwise security-tight (we were not even allowed to take our mobile phones along) diamond greenhouse located in Jurong, and taken through the process of diamond growing.

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