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IIa Diamond Properties

Diamonds have been eulogised over time and they have been the one material that transcends all, from beauty to technology. Often dubbed as a ‘super hard material’, diamonds have been used for over five decades in its industrial avatar in a variety of applications such as:

  • Petrochemical industries use diamond tipped drill bits for oil exploration and production
  • Electronics use diamonds for thermal management
  • Precision engineering industries use diamonds for high precision cutting and machining applications

In short, industrial grade diamonds touch our lives in one way or the other, we just don’t know it.IIa Technologies focuses on high grade single crystal diamonds since its inception. Single crystal diamonds have many advantages over almost all materials on Earth and is the most unique of them all. Some of these advantages are shown in the charts below.

Comparison of other materials with IIa Technologies Diamond


Comparison of other materials with IIa Technologies Diamond


With its undivided attention to the Gem Quality Industry, IIa Technologies was able to accelerate its research into processes that could grow these diamonds. Along the way we have also gathered knowledge and experience customising the growth process to fit applications as needed by our customers.